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Party Walls Made Easy in London and the Home Counties

Here at Landrock Phillips, we serve clients throughout Copthorne, Crawley, by helping them with their party and boundary walls. The Party Wall Act 1996 is an enabling Act which has extended legislation and procedures, which were formally well-established in London, to the whole of England and Wales. The Act is intended to enable development to be carried out involving the party wall or shared wall between 2 properties, a shared boundary, or excavations close to foundations of neighbouring properties, and formalises rights of a freeholder of a property to do these works.

What You Need to Know

Any building owner or occupier proposing to undertake work which may affect a party structure needs to be aware of the implications of the Party Wall Act as it carries certain statutory duties which must be complied with. Our surveyors are able to guide clients through this process and assist in preparing the necessary notices and awards. Similarly, we are able to advise neighbouring owners who may potentially be affected by such works.


Proud Members

We are members of both the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors and the Pyramus and Thisbe Club. For more information on either of these organisations click on the relevant link below:

- Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors

- Pyramus and Thisbe Club

Other Residential Services

For private homeowners, we offer a number of other services, including defect analysis and residential surveys.


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