Survey Reports Created by Professional Surveyors in London and the Home Counties

Our commercial surveyors provide specialist survey reports to clients throughout Copthorne, Crawley. Drawing on their experience, they provide a wide range of commercial property-related advice.

Pre-Acquisition Surveys

Property forms the backbone of many institutional or private investment funds. Managers of these funds need to ensure that the investment in the property they are making is not blighted by defects or problems with the building. We are ready and willing to assist in this important task by carrying out pre-acquisition surveys on a range of commercial and industrial properties. We also have close associations with a number of specialist consultancy services, such as structural engineers, civil engineers, and building services engineers. Their specialist surveys can be arranged in conjunction with ours to provide clients with a one-stop-shop solution. If you are going to carry out any work on buildings you are purchasing, we also offer project management services.

Pre-Acquisition Surveys
Condition Schedules

Condition Schedules

The preparation of condition schedules is important where there is a need to record the condition of the premises prior to an occurrence, such as the commencement of a lease or of work either to the premises or to neighbouring premises - which may have an effect on the property. This is to provide protection to the owner or occupier of the premises concerned, the developer or contractor who may be carrying out the work, and the landlord who may be granting a lease. This is important in setting a benchmark for the condition of the premises so that any subsequent damage or defects can easily be identified. We are experienced in preparing schedules of condition and will liaise with your legal advisors to draft suitable clauses into any agreement.


Landrock Phillips has a wealth of experience in acting for either the landlord or tenant in settling dilapidations' claims and disputes. Our services include a careful reading of, and analysis of, the lease to ascertain the extent of a tenant’s liability or landlord’s rights. We can also provide cost advice for any works or liabilities identified and negotiate a settlement for damages, if that is appropriate. In addition, we are experienced in preparing Scott Schedules for legal purposes and are well-versed in civil procedure rules.


Alteration, Refurbishment, and Architectural Services

Landrock Phillips provides design and architectural services using the latest technology. We have expert knowledge of building regulations and other statutory requirements, such as fire regulations and health and safety legislation, all of which have implications on design. At Landrock Phillips, we have the ability to fully appraise your requirements and plan and amend space to suit your specific needs. We provide a full computer-aided design (CAD) plan of your space, showing partition layouts, lighting schemes, IT infrastructure, electrical services, air conditioning, and ventilation layouts together with interior design and colour schemes, all to suit your needs.

Planned Preventative Maintenance Surveys and Preparation of Schedules

We have extensive experience in the preparation of planned maintenance schedules, due to having a detailed knowledge of building materials, construction detailing, and life-cycle costs. We are able to provide detailed budgetary information to enable clients to predict and subsequently budget for their property maintenance costs over 5- or 10-year periods and beyond. Surveys are tailored to suit clients’ needs and are normally prepared and presented within a format for easy assimilation into the client's own software.


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