Defect Analysis and Other Reports by Residential Surveyors in London and the Home Counties

Here at Landrock Phillips we are able to produce reports on all kinds of property matters for potential homebuyers or current homeowners.

Residential Surveys

Landrock Phillips provides a range of residential surveys, each of which is tailored to suit the client’s needs. These include full building surveys, which cover budget cost estimates that enable buyers to assess the effect on the value of the property that those repairs may have. We also prepare surveys using the RICS HomeBuyer Report format, which still involves a detailed inspection of the premises, but in the form of a more concise report. More specific condition surveys tailored to particular client’s needs are also carried out upon request. We also deal with party wall disputes, should you require advice on boundary wall issues.

Residential Surveys
Defect Analysis

Defect Analysis

Our wealth of experience in analysing property defects - such as cracking, dampness, and other problems - helps us in identifying the cause and recommendation of remedial work. We are happy to tailor our service to your particular requirements, and can provide specific advice without necessarily having to undertake a full survey of the building.

Planned Preventative Maintenance Surveys and Maintenance Management

Landrock Phillips works with a number of property management companies carrying out planned preventative maintenance surveys at regular intervals and arranging for supervising and administering the works using our trusted team of contractors.

Planned Preventative Maintenance Surveys

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